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Kattis is used by top universities to make better assessments on students work. Let Kattis correct the code and spend more time assessing code quality.

Previously our teaching assistants focused on checking the correctness of the programs that the students handed in. Now Kattis takes care of this, and more thoroughly and objectively too. The TAs have changed their focus to the students' learning during the lab sessions. Kattis promotes student-centred learning!

Viggo Kann, Royal Institute of Technology

Benefits of using Kattis

Some of the reasons why you should use Kattis

Automated Code Grading

Easily design projects for your students to work on that will work with any of our 10+ available languages.

Plagiarism Checking

Stop worrying about cheating and let us take care of it. We run all code submission through our plagiarism algorithm and let you know if we find something.

Insightful Analytics

We crunch the numbers so you can track overall course progress as well as individual progress through our intuitive dashboard.

All in one place

Keep all your assignments in one place.

Instant Results

Your students can see how well they did on your assignments within seconds of submitting.

Ready to go.

Kattis has several courses ready for you to get started for free today!

Kattis has completely changed – and greatly streamlined – the way in which we conduct our programming placement exams at the University of Chicago's Masters Program in Computer Science. Students can now submit solutions for past exams through Kattis before their placement exam, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the exam format and difficulty ahead of time. The exam itself is also conducted with Kattis, requiring minimal setup by part of our instructors who can, instead, focus on evaluating the students' solutions.

Borja Sotomayor, University of Chicago


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per student, per course

2 teachers

2 courses

unlimited students

limited assignments





per student, per course

unlimited teachers

unlimited courses

unlimited students

2000+ assignments

your own custom assignments




per student, per course

unlimited teachers

unlimited courses

unlimited students

2000+ assignments

your own custom assignments

Shibboleth, CAS or LDAP authentication

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