Interview and Hire Only The Best Programmers

Kattis automatically screens and evaluates each applicant’s technical skills with quick and simple coding challenges. Let us narrow down your candidates – so you can focus on hiring from the best.

We have previously spent a lot of time sending out, administrating and evaluating programming test. By using Kattis we do not only save a bunch of time, we are also enabling pretty much anyone to take our test, regardless of what their background might look like.

Martin Kullberg, Paradox Interactive

Benefits of using Kattis

Some of the reasons why you should use Kattis

Streamline your recruitment process

Introduce Kattis challenges that take no more than 15 minutes for your candidates to complete. Use the Kattis dashboard to track your candidates' progress.

No manual evaluation needed

With Kattis the code is automatically checked and scored in a blink so that you can focus on the interviews and finding great candidates.

Code is a click away

Want to get your hands dirty with code? We do too! Accessing your candidates' code is easy and you can quickly share the code with your colleagues.

Make safer recruitments

Base your decisions on objective results from Kattis. Results that can tell you clearly which developers make the cut.

More engaging interviews

Bring your candidates' reports with you to the interviews and use the code to get more engaging conversations.

No more cheaters

We cross-check every submission and notify you within seconds if we find something suspicious.

I like the clear focus on problem solving instead of traditional tests that are often more focused on "technical skills" than on logical ability and approach (which is much more important to verify if someone is a good developer or not).

Jonatan Lidström, Academic Work

How it all works


Invite your candidates to our automated test.


Get your candidates graded online based on their actual skills.


Enjoy interviewing only the best.

With the help of Kattis we have been able to secure technical skills in a more concrete way than before, which has given us an extra tool to ensure that we actually recruit the very best in the industry.

Erika Bjäråker, Dynabyte

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