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We help you hire great technical talent.

Kattis is the new way of finding talented tech people. Let Kattis do the work of attracting applicants and evaluating their skills.

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How it works

We build programming challenges in a variety of languages that put every prospective candidate through rigorous testing and evaluation, before you interview them. We only pass on qualified candidates to your company.

The challenge

Pick challenges from the library

We help you select three problems of varying difficulty that evaluate a developers capacity for creative problem solving.

The evaluation

This is where the magic happens

Kattis automatically analyzes submitted code and sends feedback within seconds! You can login anytime to view your candidates and their rankings.

The Follow up

Three effective ways to continue

Now that you have the best candidates, you can quickly move to identify the ones you want. Invite them to meet, investigate and rate their code, or save them for later.

Great programmers are artists

Solving problems with code requires creativity and discipline. The best software developers can move beyond a list of skills and develop elegant, inspired programs.

Kattis evaluates that technical potential and only send you the best of the best for further testing.

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