Interview and Hire Only The Best Programmers

Kattis automatically screens and evaluates each applicant’s technical skills with quick and simple coding challenges. Let us narrow down your candidates – so you can focus on hiring from the best.

Benefits of using Kattis

Some of the reasons why you should use Kattis

Test Your Applicants On Skills That Matters Most

Resumes and phone interviews can’t guarantee that your applicants can code well. Our quick and simple coding challenges let you assess their technical skills – before you interview them.

No Technical Knowledge Required, Period.

With Kattis, even non-technical recruiters can easily hire great programmers. Depending on your hiring needs, our experts will help you choose the perfect coding challenges to assess your applicants. And of course, our team is here to support you – every step of the way.

Fewer Resumes & Phone Interviews

Stop wasting time screening unqualified candidates. Let us evaluate and narrow down your applicants so you can interview only the qualified ones. Thanks to Kattis, our customers save up to 60 hours for every position they hire.

Obtain Actual Work Samples

Degrees and past work experience tell only half the story. With our programming challenges, you’ll have real coding samples from each candidate. Use it to assess their skills and thinking process or as a reference during their interview.

Programmers Love to Solve Our Challenges

Every challenge has been vigorously tested and approved by our developer community. Unlike our competitors, our challenges do not impose limits on the developer's time – so they can show their full potential. Most challenges take no longer than 30 minutes to complete.

Find Talent – Even When You’re Not Hiring

By placing Kattis challenges on your careers page, you can easily find qualified candidates for future positions. That’s because it gives people who are currently exploring opportunities an easy way to show their interest in your company and prove their technical skills without formally applying.

How it all works

We Challenge

Pick challenges from the library

Our experts will help you choose 3 pre-made coding challenges that best fit your job’s position and skill level. We’ll build these challenges into your company branded landing page with detailed instructions for submission. You can distribute this page to candidates as part of your application process or simply place it on your careers page to find talent passively.

We Evaluate

This is where the magic happens

When applicants submit their answers, Kattis instantly determines if their code is correct and efficient. Within seconds, you’ll have details about how each candidate performed and recommendations for ones you should contact.

You Follow-Up

Three effective ways to continue

Now that you have a list of the most technically skilled candidates, you can follow up with them in one of 3 ways.

Contact or invite them for an interview, have your developer further investigate and rate their code, or save promising candidates for future opportunities.


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